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You can add different modules to your digital access control solution. Get to know our modules below and learn how you can ensure safety for your employees, members or customers and save costs on manual time reporting.

Module #1

Mobile Solution

Mobile experience in the everyday human interaction creates efficiency, convenience and security. With our mobile module you can:
  • Personalize your meeting experience and customer service interactions
  • Connect the workforce around retaining and entertaining guest or members
  • Allow your visitors to decrease the administrative burden of booking through our self-service capabilities
  • Decrease reception desk costs

Mobile features

  • MeetUp 
  • Push Notifications
  • Team Chat
Module #2

Digital Access Control

With a digital access control solution you can offer automated check-in at offices, co-working spaces, sport centers, conference centers or gated communities. This allows you to enable:  

  • Safety for your employees, members or customers with touchless access control
  • Lower total cost of ownership than existing digital access solutions
  • A high degree of security 
  • Multi-level authorization control
  • Improved employee and member experience
  • Deviation management
  • Increased service and open hours
  • Loyalty & membership programs

Digital Access Control features

  • Biometric Access
  • Group Access
  • Mobile Access
  • Single/Multi Site
  • Department Control
  • Geo Fencing
  • PCode Access
Module #3

Data Insight & Analytics

Management of data allows companies to transform insights into concrete business impact. Our Data Insight & Analytics module helps you create lasting impact through:

  • High-quality data as entry points are automated with facial digital identity as the key carrier 
  • Capacity utilization of the property and peak hours
  • Heat maps that allow you to understand the utilization of your space
  • Regulatory measures, such as anti-doping & anti-theft

Data Insight & Analytics features

  • Heat maps
  • Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Deviation Management Tool
  • Data Insight Tool
Module #4

Time Reporting

Our Time Reporting module allows the employee, consultant or customer to authorize time and attendance reports to the manager. 

  • Convenient overview of time reporting for staff and management 
  • Automated time and reporting (clock in and out) eliminating manual work and errors 
  • No hardware (clock in and out) terminals for time and reporting are required
  • Possibility to correct and authorize the time and attendance through our app

Time Reporting features

  • Automatic Clock In and Clock Out
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Employee Time Account
  • Exports for Payroll
  • Manager's Time Tracking 
  • Company Wide Time Tracking
  • Who is at the Office Dashboard
  • Guest Function
Module #5


Our Extensibility module allows for you and your partners to easily integrate with our solution with the purpose of boosting digital transformation and customer benefits.

  • Fully interoperable and easy to integrate solution 
  • Low cost of integration and lower IT support and maintenance costs

Extensibility features

  • Open REST API framework
  • Standard Adapters and Integration packages
  • Documentation package
  • Integration Services on demand
Module #6


While security refers to ensuring that access is denied or that trespassing is reported to protect humans and property from theft, vandalism, damages or similar, we see benefits of our Surveillance solution for safety measures, such as:  

  • Net presence control to ensure that everybody that entered the building also left that safely
  • Increased safety and security around property and humans
  • Decreased safety and surveillance costs
  • Compliance with work environment demands

Surveillance features

  • Security and Safety Alerts
  • Access Denial 
  • Trespass of Property 
  • Net Presence Control
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