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Do we really need tags, keys or cards in 2021?

It’s 2021, and we still need a card, tag, key, and written membership forms in every location. Why?

The co-founders decided to ask the question to the common stores, residence spaces, hotels and sport centers of choice. No clear answers were given – the most common was: “This is how we always have done it.” Not an answer suited for 2021, right?

Facegent was born. 

The Facegent team

The team behind Facegent has extensive experience of developing, managing and scaling SaaS companies with focus on great customer satisfaction, high employee experience and great user experience. We take pride in delivering a great customer experience with outmost focus on delivering maximum benefits and value through our products. 

We challenge the traditional market of unreliable, non-environmentally friendly and for the purpose not fulfilling products out there. A plastic card or tag does not offer the security nor reliability for your business. Neither does a single digital access feature since it adds to the vendor list of who to call when a problem occurs. 

One vendor

A full end-to-end digital access solution provider, such as Facegent, eliminates the multiple vendor landscape you need to deal with and ensures safe, secure and efficient access throughout your business.

No matter if it’s through our biometric access solutions, our digital mobile solution or more traditional pin code features, we offer one of the widest access control solutions on the market – all from one vendor. 

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