Customized access solutions for your industry

Our digital access control solutions fit a wide range of industries, such as smart cities, retail, construction sites, public institutions and security. Scroll down and find out how Facegent can help your business improve safety measure control and create a more convenient experience for your customers and employees. 

Secure & convenient access control

Smart city

Wireless technologies improve infrastructure and efficiency for residents and visitors in today's smart cities. As a result, consumers expect a high degree of convenience in everyday life.
With a digital access control solution you can offer automated check-in at offices, co-working spaces, sport centers, conference centers or gated communities.
Facial recognition for door access ensures secure and direct access for members anytime. And it allows you to cut the costs of wearables, such as tags and cards, or the need for a receptionist.
You can choose from surveillance solutions, connected with local partners for rounding and emergency access, to access control solutions and connected smart features through local vendors in our markets.
The ultimate membership experience!

Retail & Consumer Centric

In today's competitive marketplace, only retailers providing a personalized customer or membership experience will thrive.
So what if you could tell if a customer was entitled to a gift or a discount the moment they enter your store, hotel or sports center?
Facegent's AI engine allows you to offer personalized messaging and the right products or services to your customers.
Retail stores using facial recognition can also reduce the administrative workload. This allows your staff to focus on improving member or customer retention.
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Monitor any movement at the sites

Construction & industrial sites

Industrial and asset-centric sites usually have different access control tags or cards for multi-sites to ensure a high degree of security for staff and partners.
However, this can create unnecessary administrative burdens and the risk of staff forgetting or losing their wearables.
With Facegent's access control solution you get a clear overview of how many employees are at the site as well as when they arrive and leave.
The built-in surveillance camera allows you to check any movements at the site. This ensures safety, security and transparency for both employees, managers and customers. 
Guide citizens to the right public service

Public institutions

The public sector plays a key role in providing education, health, safety and basic facilities, such as water, electricity and so forth. At the same time, increased safety and security is necessary to protect personnel, citizens and property.
Benefits of an access control system include automated access, time reporting along with integrated safety and security measures. Surveillance options are also available for institutions that need enhanced protection of staff and property.
Facegent provides the ultimate tool of convenience based on facial recognition. Citizens and personnel will immediately receive relevant information and be directed to the right service upon arrival to a public institution.
Create a safer work environment for your employees

Digital security

The pandemic has changed the pattern of where employees work from and how they access online meetings, time reporting or payment systems. This can not only cause administrative errors, but could potentially risk data security breaches.

A digital access solution ensures that employees can log in to their correct workspace and get access to the right online meetings.

Facial recognition also provides convenient door access to specific areas of a building and keeps unathorized personnel from entering. In addition, the software includes time reporting of who enters and leaves a building.
By eliminating access devices, such as tags and cards, you can create a safer work environment for your employees.
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